Draw Your Breakfast

Suggestions to enhance your daily drawing experience.

Draw Your Breakfast. It was an old drawing exercise used to answer the question “What should I draw?”. This example was from the kitchen in the rental house in Makeni, we were there to sequence Ebola virus during the big West African outbreak. We had a camping stove “Plein Air”, a cheap pan from Rotterdam, C206 gas canisters from the local grocery store, a coffee press that Armando had left us, a few packages of Italian espresso, the most recent brought in by Ian and a box of Parrot matches with the cool logo. The palms trees and strong shadows because we were close to the equator. On this morning we had no electricity, either a big storm had come through in the night or we had forgotten to top up the credit or a fuse had blown or something. But we were prepared and could have our coffee.
Draw the biggest tree you can find. Trees are useful signals to draw, especially large trees. I worked at an HIV-2 study site in Caio, Guinea Bissau. The village was divided into zones, each zone had a sacred meeting place, a Tumba, usually under one or several large cotton silk trees. I tried to draw most of the Tumbas in Caio. Here is the Zone 2 Tumba.
Another large tree, a baobab from Kilifi Kenya. The tree is on the site of the first village, occupied from 1300-1500. It is big. And old.

Learn some perspective: receding parallels converge. I use to stand someplace that I found interesting and imagined I was 50 meters above looking down and drawing what I saw. This was Serekunda, the population and shopping center of Banjul, The Gambia.
Draw a pet. Everyone likes pet drawings. Loyal, happy to see you, tail-wagging friend.


That’s it for now. Good luck, keep your notebook ready and your pen filled!

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